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My L model gravely has on it a Case/IH A146696 oil filter. It's one of the canister spin-on type. I've been unable to find anything in the manuals about what the correct one is, but I suspect that this may not be it. When I start up, it takes 5-10 seconds before I start seeing oil out of the return line. That means that the filter doesn't have an anti-drainback valve, right?

So what's the right filter for these units, and where's the best place to get it?


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You want a Fram PH8A or any other manufacturers equilant to the PH8A.

Gravely Model L Oil Filters
Until mid 1958 the Model L used a strap-on canister-type bypass oil filter with the oil line
fittings screwed directly into the filter. The Gravely part number for the filter was L-812,
which was the equivalent of AC P-21S. The following filters from other manufacturers
cross-reference to AC P-21S, but in some cases there are difference in the inlet and
outlet port locations so it may be necessary to rearrange the oil lines to suit. None of
these are still in production, but NOS examples occasionally turn up on eBay.
AC P-21S
CarQuest 85035
Hastings HD 1/2
Mopar L-93
Mopar MPR 1/2
NAPA 1035
Purolator PER 1/2
Walker SU-3
Wix 51035
Wix WF 1/2
In mid 1958 Gravely redesigned the lubrication system, including a change from bypass
filtration to full-flow filtration and a modern spin-on filter. The original Gravely part
number for the filter was L-857, which later became 12722P1 and then just 12722. This
filter remained in use through the end of Model L production in 1966 and the end of
Model C (Convertible 7.6) production in 1976.
The most commonly used equivalent is the FRAM PH8A, or the FRAM PH43 if you
prefer a shorter filter. Most filter manufacturers make an equivalent. What you're
looking for is a filter with a 3/4" X 16 mounting thread, 1 27/64 inch inside diameter
gasket, an anti-drainback valve, and a bypass relief valve that opens at 8 PSI to 10 PSI.
Body length doesn't matter as long as it will fit between the spin-on adaptor and the oil
filler cap, but the longer the body, the greater the filtration area.
Gravely Model L Oil Filters
Page 2 of 3
The following filters cross-reference to Gravely 12722, or to FRAM PH8A and PH43.
Filters labeled “shorter” are known to be equivalent to the shorter FRAM PH43, but
others listed may also be shorter than the FRAM PH8A.
AC-Delco Duraguard PF2
AC-Delco PFL1A
Ace PH8A
Apollo PH8A
Baldwin B2
Baldwin B233 (shorter)
Bowes PH8A
Bucyrus Erie 46151593
Car And Driver SF-1A
Champion Laboratories PH8A
Chrysler 3549957 (shorter)
Deutsch D539
Econo Lube L30001
Ford B7A-6714-A
Ford C5ZZ-6731-A (shorter)
FRAM Extra Guard PH8A
FRAM Tough Guard TG8A
FRAM Extra Guard PH43 (shorter)
Grand Prix PH8A
Hastings LF115
Hastings LF196 (shorter)
Hutchen SF-1A
Jiffy Lube L30001
Luber-Finer PH8A
Master Parts PH8A
Mitsubishi MO5281090
Mobil 1 M1-301
Mopar 3549957
Gravely Model L Oil Filters
Page 3 of 3
Mopar 5281090
Motorcraft FL 1-3A
Motorcraft FL-1A
NAPA Gold 1515
Penzoil PZ-1
PowerFlo SL30001
Purolator Premium Plus L30001
Road Pro PH43 (shorter)
Rockhill 61515
Rockhill PH43 (shorter)
Safeway PH43 (shorter)
Silverline 21515
STP S-01
STP S-016
Target SF1A
Toyota 15600-25010 (shorter)
Valutest PH8A
Warner PH8A
Wix 51068 (shorter)
Wix 51515
For what it’s worth, I use the FRAM Tough Guard TG8A.
These listings are correct to the best of my knowledge, but check the manufacturer’s
listings before you purchase.
Other brands may also have equivalents. Check the manufacturer’s listings for an
equivalent of FRAM PH8A or FRAM PH43.

- Kris

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My '86 VW Jetta diesel I had took a Wix 51452 oil filter--it had an anti drain back valve and it had the same dimensions as a PH8A Ford filter as far as the base gasket,and thread pitch,in fact I have used PH8A filters on it in a pinch once,when I couldn't get a Wix filter right I'd say you could use a 51452 Wix in place of a PH8A without any troubles..If I remember correctly the only difference between the two are the by pass valve opens at a few lbs. higher on the VW filter than the Ford one,and the canister is a hair taller..

Kris!..looks like you've been doing a lot of research !..we need guys like you here that have this kind of priceless knowledge!..good work!..thanks for sharing it with us!..


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Holy cow!

Assuming you aren't quoting all that from memory, what manual did it come out of?
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