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Which is older at your house? You or Your Tractors?

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I'm on old farm kid that now is back living on an acreage where I have to have a tractor, ZTR mower, 2 stage snowblower, etc.

I firmly believe that the old equipment is far better and will out last any of this new fangled stuff by miles.

My 'Estate? tractor' is older than I am.. All though weighting in a 5 tons, it kind of 'bends' the grass over when I drive it on the lawn..

Due to various circumstances, my main tractor is a 1956 (I was born in 1960) JI CASE 310 Crawler tractor that has a loader on it. You can read more about it here:,p,343,i,5517,00.html

I have many of my projects documented on that site. That all started with the antique fiberglass board rebuild.

Most all of my equipment is stored in our 100 year old barn that we saved:,p,410,i,6595,00.html

Right now the barn contains:

1956 JI Case (terratrac) 310 crawler with loader
197? JI Case 155 compact tractor with mower and blade.

I own 4 Dixon ZTR mowers that all use the old style friction cone transmission.
a 42 'Ram 80" with Briggs 11 hp (for parts)
1986 Dixon 427 with Kawasaki 12.5 HP model FB460v
1989 Dixon 428 with Briggs 12 hp
1994 Dixon 4422 with Kohler 14HP

For snowblowers I also have 4, one of them is actually out on loan, but My pride and joy is a:

1969 Wheel Horse 26 inch 2 stage unit with Tecumseh HM70 engine

Also have a 2nd wheel horse that's a couple of years newer that I am modifying to have a Briggs 8 on it. These snowblower can only work with engines that have an extended cam shaft as that is what the ground drive works on. I was very luck to locate a Briggs 190492 to transplant onto it.

I have 2 Gilson snowblowers. I have a VERY OLD, 26 in 2 stage Gilson 477 is in the midst of getting an engine transplant from a 6 HP Briggs to an 8 hp Tecumseh.

my 197? Gilson unitrol, 26 inch 7 HP Briggs is the unit that is out on loan.

There are also 2 antique fiberglass boats in the barn and more Chrysler 45 and 55 HP outboard than I want to count.

I have 1967 Glastron 'SkiFlite' 14 foot boat that is up next for an overhaul. Lovely 1970's Original factory olive green color...

And I work on fix - repair and maintain all of this stuff.

One of my more challenging projects was to replace the blower shaft in my pet Wheel Horse Snowblower:,p,777,i,10038,00.html

Looking forward to reading and hearing more about Briggs and Tecumseh engines, etc.
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That, Ladies and Gentlemen, is an Introduction.

sdunt, welcome to the forum. Enjoy your visits here, and if you have any questions, just yell.
Best Intro I have seen in my two short years here. :howdy::MTF_wel2:
In answer to your question. I am older than my tractors..... but I expect they will out live me.
I rescued a 1990 Craftsman (RED) ($100.00) and did a ground up restore. Being a 22YO mower, I fully expect another 20 years or so with it. Red is the main mower for 3.5 Texas acres.

I rescued a 1988 Craftsman II (Hulk II) ($80.00) did a ground up restore and aquired a second engine, and a sleve hitch and blade. Hulk has a 44" mowing deck (fully restored) but stored.

Lastly, and recently I rescued a 1983 Ford LGT 145 ($60.00) and again a full restore. Still working on the deck.

I expect one or more of these will be inherited by my Grandson.

Welcome to MTF, hope you enjoy the site as much as I have.

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Well I built my "pet" tractor 55+ years ago which is still in use and we built our house mostly ourselves 46 years ago.

By the way, welcome.

Walt Conner
I have a Farmall that was built the same year I was born. 1951.
:MTF_wel2:Great intro,we are glad you are here.Enjoy the forums.:thThumbsU
:Welcome1: from western WI! :howdy:
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