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Where are these machines? Location makes some amount of difference.

I've been looking for a cheap ATV for a very long time. Seems like the only ones close being listed for close to their NADA values don't run, all others are listed for $1k+ more than book value.


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Ok I can buy the Arctic Car with 600 hrs. 4x4.. nice shape for 3500...
Or a 2002 Polaris 500 sportsman with 1100 hrs for 2500...
Both seem over priced but ???
My buddy and I went to Michigan about 5 years ago he had one of those Arctic cat 450 and I had my Kawasaki brute Force 750.

We traded it for a while and I rode his Arctic cat and I was actually really impressed with how well that thing handled hills in Michigan so I wouldn't be afraid of that Arctic cat.
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