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Which GT's Were Offered With A BBC,,,, Maybe Case??

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I think this is a Case tractor, does it have hydraulic lift?? :dunno:

I think it could outrun the local police!! :fing32:
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Some guys just need to prove it.
That kind of thing is for a young guy who's going to live forever and has yet to have his mortality proven to him by life in general.
I know full well that I'm only a heartbeat away from death because I am that guy who somehow survived and is tired of pushing it.
Fun to watch. From a distance.
What could possibly go wrong?
I'd be stupid NOT to try this!
"Here... Hold my beer..."
I highly doubt there was ANY alcohol consumption involved during the conceptualization, build, or testing process.
Oh, wait....
I'm 27 and I would NOT go anywhere near that...

an older friend of mine that was a little younger than I am now, hopped on a GSX-R1000 of someones that he knew and died when he wrecked it 500' from where he started off... So, that much horsepower in a small chassis is not for everyone
Wouldn't mind having the engine though...

In a truck.
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Yeah, but will it push snow?

Wonder where he got the V rated ags?
Just watching his hands trying to keep wheel steady. It's not the speed but the sudden swerve that will cause the problem. Hmm, could it be the front end of a garden tractor isn't up to snuff for 1/4 mile drag racing??:sidelaugh
Oh to be young and foolish. Oh yeah, forgot! I once was and thinking back, guess I'm lucky to still be here. :dunno:
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Ummm, I think it's pretty cool.
I watched that video before...
Seems to me it might be phony,but maybe not..

I cant see a BBC on a small "garden tractor" being that driveable,with that much HP and torque, the thing should either just fry the tires,or pop a wheelie and flip over way too easily..

Unless he extended the chassis enough to resemble a rail dragster,I cant see a garden tractor being able to go that fast ,with the steering so "touchy" above 15 mph or so,and the brakes on a typical transaxle would never be good enough to slow that thing down--he must have the transmission set up to shift very softly and it sounds like it might be slipping too--that would help keep it from melting the tires and lurching at every upshift..

Back when I had a Sears Suburban with 36" tires and truck rims in the rear and 12" ones up front on trailer rims,with it geared up some,it could go well over 40 mph,and that thing was so squirrely above 15 mph ,moving the steering wheel a fraction would make it swerve bad enough to change lanes,and threaten to flip over..
Also the brakes were either inneffective or too touchy,the rear wheels liked to lock up when they decided to work at all,no gentle application was often found yourself standing on the pedal and it barely slowed down,or they would instantly lock the minute you applied any pressure to the pedal..

A friend had a Sears Suburban he extended the frame on up front ,to make a poor man's dragster--he used a golf cart rear differential and a 2 cylinder Sacchs snowmobile engine and torque converter was a 440cc engine and the thing was fast,he could get it up over 70 mph ,and it actually didn't handle that badly,the brakes also worked pretty well--but you had to have a BIG parking lot to turn it around,or do a couple of 3 point turns..

You'll notice they never showed the tractor other than from the drivers point of we dont know what he had for a rear axle or brakes--it may just be a mini rail dragster with an old tractor hood and dash slapped on it,so it "looks" like a tractor..
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One thing I noticed Robert was how little his hands moved. Real steady. And his hands looked very light to the steering wheel. No white knuckles. Pretty tough stuff with GT suspension/steering on a country road.
I'm not saying it's not COOL though!..I'd be crazy enough to drive it..once!..
love the sound of that engine,with the zoomies..

I would think with no suspension ,it would bounce off the road after hitting the first dip or pothole,at that speed..that is how my old Sears felt--if you were not constantly correcting the direction of travel,you were litteraly getting bounced out of the seat..this guy must either have suspension,or some mighty smooth roads !..
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Might have been persuaded to try this 40 years ago, maybe even 20 years ago, but not now.
Looking at the video as a GM man from a way back I noticed a couple things. Near the end of the video when he shuts it off, there is the unmistakeable hump of a GM bell housing attached to the rear of that engine, so the engine-tranny combo is at least 5' long, probably 6'. There's no way a GT tractor would take that torque so there must be a GM rear end under it, likely narrowed.That would add another 16" plus a short driveshaft/ coupler so make it 2'. So the tractor is stretched, look at the angle of his legs when he is driving. When I drive my GT my knees are up around my chest.

In my opinion he has an mid 60's or 70's style 2 speed Powerglide on the back of the engine. When he starts out from a dead stop if you listen carefully it only upshifts once. Those trannys were notorious for gobbling up power to get the cars moving from a stop and would account for the not wiping out on take off and the smoother speed ups throughout the video. There's a reason we called them "slushboxes" back then.

That's my 2 cents. Still looks like FUN though.
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A bit more info in this thread. The tranny is a turbo 350.
A Panzer can factory with a Morpar rear...
ON youtube type in "big block lawnmower pull" to see this thing in action with a side view of it.
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