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Which Continental Engine on Massey-H

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I went today looking for an idea on rinngs and gasket for the COntinental engine on my Massey Harris 1949 and they say could be many different engines.

Is it possible to determine it by the Bore and Stroke?

I just measured the bore and it is 3 & 7/16" + 3/64" Which it means to me that it was probably bored .040" oversize from 3 & 7/16"

I can measure the stroke when I clean up the crank and the pistons.

Do the engines have any kind of markings on the block indicating its size/type?
Any reference I can access on line?

Thank, Wilson
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The engine in the MH 30 is the Continental F 162, you can find the
model # and ser# of the engine on the left centre of the engine.
Bore = 3.4375
Stroke = 4.375
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