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which brushcutter blade?

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The dealer who sold me my brush cutter wants me to buy an 8" Echo 20 tooth (or 22 tooth?) steel blade for cutting some saplings, but I've seen comments that they get dull very quickly. He's asking $25 for it. Today I saw a website, carbidebrushcutterblades, with carbide tipped blades they claim will last a lot longer. They cost less, too.

Is there any reason to go with the dealer's blade?
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:fest30::dancingpa for carbide, amazing stuff. High carbon steel is so 1950's. :Stop:

If you wanted to sell your walk-in customer more, which would you sell? :dunno:

I cut some concrete with a cheap diamond blade recently, amazing!! :fing32:

Price does not always trump intelligent research!! Great find. :fing02:
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I have a Husqvarna 9" non-carbide blade on my FS90R. I paid 20.00 for it new from my local dealer. You can resharpen it with a chainsaw file, although mine has not needed it yet.

You can't really sharpen carbide without a special stone. I prefer the Steel blade just because I like to sharpen rather than replace, and I use string way more often anyway.

This is the one:
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Just use an old circular saw blade...

...yanno if your going to be ripping thru rocks and stuff.

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