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Where would you start? Simplicity 3310 V

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I rescued this poor thing from an overgrown pasture. I know nothing about it. It was missing the starter/generator unit. I was able to acquire one from a fella who worked on all sort of simplicity equipment and had one on the shelf although one of the three terminals is partially broken off. I forget the size of the motor thinking it's a 10 horse briggs. The Steering wheel is broken off assuming the steering gear is frozen or really tight.No deck or other attachments although there is several and is why I decided to save this one but now I am unsure what I have taken on. I don't want to throw a bunch of money into this thing, I guess i need figure out where to start, no real easy way to try and turn the motor over by hand.


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Is the engines top screen able to come off? If so there should be a bolt you can attach a socket to, take a wood drill bit and bang it into the socket, then attach the drill and turn it over. Also take the spark plug out. If it's frozen, PB blaster, WD40 penetrant or magic oil. Your choice. Then blow the lubricant out by turning it over. This is the only way to bypass a starter that I can think of
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The motor is horizontal, the front has a shaft attached running the belts I am assuming. The rear shaft I think is keyed, I haven't looked at it a great deal, it keeps getting put on back burner. Could be a decent project for the winter but it's going to take a lil work and parts.
Pictures are best for me to work with.
above pics is all I have right now it got stuff stacked up on it this spring/summer. It's going to need tires and who knows what else to get it moving again. They only made these for 1 year and only lil over a thousand were made I think.
If only 1000 were made then I wouldn't be scared to put a starter, and some money into it, do they still make new starters? I wouldn't reccomend buying a used starter. Would look awesome restored :)
For the starter I would give these folks a call. I have been very happy with my several dealings with them.

DB Electrical (800) 753-2242
i just did a compleat tear down and rebuild on my 3212v, i found that the steering gear seizes up because alot of the time the battery leaks on them or the gas tank leaks, its easy to fix the box.
theres a needle bearing in there where steering shaft goes in, take it all apart ( invest in brass punches ) clean everything up and it should work fine after.
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take a wood drill bit and bang it into the socket, then attach the drill and turn it over.
Once you gain access to the main crankshaft bolt, why not just use a socket and ratchet or possibly a breakover bar? By the looks of that tractor, a drill and spindly wood bit are not going to do much spinnin'. A slow crankover test by hand is the best bet to see if an engine spins.

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They might have only made that particular model one year but they continued making similar models like 3312, 3314, 3316, etc. Also, many of the parts span across year and model so it is not necessarily that difficult to find parts you need, you just need to look up the part numbers and check what other models they fit.

I have a couple of 4000 series parts tractors, if you find anything you need that exists on these tractors let me know.

You should be able to turn the engine over by hand rotating the pulley once you have lubed the cylinder as suggested above.
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I may never get to this unit. Just not enough hours in the days let alone motivation. I knew it wasn't scrap and just haven't messed with it so rather than it rot further it may be time to find step parents for it.
I so wanted to get running just to see what I have.
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