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Where to start?

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Hi everyone,

I'm here on a special mission to help my mom out with her inherited tractor, a Craftsman GS6500.

The tractor was my father's, and he used to keep our acre in Arizona free of any weeds (not much to mow here, but plenty to keep from growing). So, normally he would to all the repairs and maintenance on it, but since he passed away early of last year, the tractor has been sitting in the backyardcollecting dust (and our land has been collecting tumble weeds).

I'm back from college for the summer and I would love to get the o'll girl humming again for my mom. I'm not certain what it needs, but I'm ready to do whatever it requires. We have already called out Sears twice, but they haven't come back either time (it's not the companies fault we live in a poor customer service area, but calling them back is not an option given they wanted $200 just to take a look at the thing -- yes, $200).

So my question is, as someone who knows nothing about tractors or engines, where do I start?

I was thinking of doing the following:
1. Attach trickle charger for a few hours to see if she starts, if not
2. Get new plugs

And if those things don't work (which they haven't in the past), what should I do next? Please, any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Welcome aboard, sorry to hear about your loss.

You are headed in the correct direction.
First I would give the tractor a good looking over and a sniff. You are looking for poisonous snakes mouse houses or any damage they could cause.

The next thing I would do is take the battery out and put it on charge and see if it will take a charge. Next I would drain the fuel tank. If you know how I would drain the carburetor bowl. If you don’t know don’t worry about it for now. I would next add good high-grade fuel. The tank doesn’t have to be full. And check for leaks. Check the oil it should be full and it will probably look clean .It will look clean from sitting for a while and all the contamination falling to the bottom of the motor. If you get it running you will have to change it later. Clean the battery terminals and install the charged battery. If luck is on your side it should start. You may need to prime it or choke it to get it to start so have patients. It also would be a good time to see if you can find the owner manual for maintenance and starting instructions if you cant they should be on line.

This should give you a starting place. I’m sure others will join in.

Just my two cents.
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