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Where to get L parts

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I need a split hitch for my sulky and an air filter for my 1962 Gravely LI. I found Has anybody used this place before? I was about to place a bid on a split hitch on ebay but the gravely parts website has good prices.
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I just bought some Magneto parts from them. They shipped fast and worked great I highly recommend buying from them. is Richards. I buy almost all of my parts from them. AND are good places. Richard @ has worlds of knowledge that he (or his highly trained staff) generally share just for asking if you have any issues.
I recently ordered a bunch of L parts from GT Enterprises ( and was very content with the order. Richards ( has a good reputation too, although they sent me an incomplete top-end gasket set last time I ordered from them which was a bit frustrating when I put the engine back together. My past orders to Richard's were fine though.

Some parts are cheaper from GT, some are cheaper from Richard's, and sometimes Richard's is the only source for stuff. I recommend both of them.
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Richards sent me a jug once with the valves installed on the wrong side and they said that they would sent me new head bolts and they didnt.
Richards covers almost all Gravely models. GT specalizes in L/C tractors.
I've ordered lots of stuff from Richard and always been happy. Ordered one thing from gtgravelyparts and was also happy. So would have to say thumbs up on both.

Nowadays, however, most of my parts come through ebay or from packages of equipment that I buy when G.A.S. strikes.

Note also that for things like air filters, you're almost always better to find the cross-reference number to some other manufacturer. The air filter for my C8 came in a green and yellow box. The filter fit great, and I threw the box away :)
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Thanks for all the responses. I have information I need.
Wish i knew earlier on. Unloaded two L-s this summer with your type air filter and probaly may have a split hitch adapter if i dig deep enough in the pile. Have an LS that needs a home:)
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