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Where to Buy Dolmar in Southeastern PA

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Any of our members have any recent good experiences with a dealer? Any recommendations? Nonbody is closer than 45 minutes away from where I live. Unless......we use the "S" word - Stihl. Thanks, gents
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Bailey's sells a ton of Makita brand saw that are made by Dolmar. (Makita owns Dolmar and they re-badge them.) This is where I bought my 6401 the month before the cat mufflers came out.

Excellent price on bars & chains. :fing32:

I just ordered 4 full chisel chains for my 346XP @ $9.99. For that price, it would never pay to take them and have sharpened. I do it all by hand or use a Grandberg jig but would never pay a saw shop. If they get rocked or hit a nail, pitch them.
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I bought my Dolmar PS-510 at Rocky Hill Chainsaws on route 100 between Exton and Pottstown. I'm not sure how far you consider SE PA. This is northern Chester County. Owner has very fair prices, does any repair, though I've never needed any. Sharpens chain, carries supplies at better prices than Lowe's or TSC.

I don't think he has a web site, but he is listed on several local merchant sites. I think the mailing address is Glenmore.
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You can try the Dolmar dealer locator on their website

I personally get my Dolmar stuff from a dealer in Cassadaga NY, they are good folks and always ship quickly.
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