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Where DO I find Hesston stuff ?

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:howdy: Ya'll~

My name is Randy and I am a new member to this forum. I am retired military and recently have taken over the small family farm from My dad. We have 2 tractors a massey 135 and a Hesston 55-56. I have been trying to find a service manual for the Hesston 55-56. Unfortunately every place I have been on the internet so far has not had one. Does anyone have any suggestions/advice/comments? Who knows? Maybe I can even find some of the parts I want to replace on it also ! lol..... Hey! It could happen lol.

Merry Christmas and Happy new year !

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I tried the google search ... it didnt turn up anything really. Thanks for the idea though! Does anyone else possibly have ideas about where I can get a service manual for a Hesston 55-56 tractor?
You might be able to get it at a Massey Ferguson dealer or AGCO dealer. AGCO still makes Hesston hay equipment so there is a chance you can get it through them.
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