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Where could the Manuals for the Bolens HT 23 be found please?

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I followed two links from Bolens Manuals and both are broken.

These are the two links I followed:
Bolens HT23 Owner's Manual

Bolens HT23 Parts Manual

Where could the Manuals for the Bolens HT 23 be found, please?
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ijw4tractors ...
..I don't think we have every manual, but I would keep looking in our library...or possibly someone with the manual will see this post and have it...good luck with it
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Welcome to MTF! Please try and see if this old link still works:

A lot of the links broke when we moved to new web software last year.
Sorry to say that many of the links in our library are no longer functioning as a result of a software change when the site was upgraded. Some have been fixed as members have reported same.

OK Tim, so I'm a slow two-finger typist.:rolleyes:
I'll take a look more in depth there today. Those should've been fixed already.
I just checked and they work if you go to the Library here (not try to use a link in a Google search), so no need to fix anything.
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