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When it rains, it pours

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I'm buying cub cadet wheel weights and tire chains for $50. After talking to the guy, he mentioned having the tractor they came off of. He said if I bought the weights and chains, he'd throw in the tractor for free. He had no idea what model, just that it was old and had a 12hp engine. It was too far to make the trip for the weights and chains, but for the free tractor added in, I'll take a chance and make the trip.

Then, a guy who works for my cousin has an old sears custom 10 #917.25590. He told my cousin today he could have it as long as he paid more than the scrap yard, but my cousin wasn't interested. Well I am! The tractor runs and mows but needs all the belts(pretty cracked) and an air filter housing. Picking both tractors up tomorrow.

All in all, a pretty good day today! :dancingpa

On the other hand, I need another 2 tractors like I need a hole in the head.:Stop:
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That sounds like a pretty good deal. What did you end up doing about the GT19.9 that you were looking into last week?
That sounds like a pretty good deal. What did you end up doing about the GT19.9 that you were looking into last week?
We emailed some offers to each other, then I never heard any more from him. The ad is still up, I may let it stew for a while then try again. I'm thinking the longer it sits, the lower he'll go.
We all need more tractors like we need a hole in our heads....Atleast we arent out buying drugs with our money if we are bringing tractors home!!!! and its our own version of the ******* retirement system......they might pay off to collect, have and sell in the future someday.....but if ur like me haha u aint gonna sell them...
Here's the stuff I picked up yesterday.

Sears Custom 10 917.25590 for $50

Here's the chains and weights I bought for $50 bucks

And the guy threw these in for free!

Ariens Sno Thro snow blower

Cub Cadet 129 Hydro

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That's a pretty good deal for two tractors! If you don't have enough space, I can run down to Butler County and take some off your hands!!! :ROF :ROF
thats a friggin awesome deal. congrats
That's cool, the Sears has whitewall tires.:sorry1:
Those Cub hub caps are cool ! Great price !
When painting rims smear grease on the tires first.... Then the paint will wipe off...
Just came back in the house, it started to rain. Was out tinkering with the cub. The guy told me it would turn over by hand, but he couldn't get it to start. After a major overhaul of the entire engine, which consisted of checking the oil(could use a change, but full)Putting a good battery in it, adding some fuel, turning the key, it fired right up! It even drives and mows. One minor problem, I am going to have to remove the mouse condo from under engine tins.
Well if it's running, You probably already got rid of the living ones!

Just imagine being all cozy in bed and someone starts spinning your house a million miles an hour!:eek:
That's cool, the Sears has whitewall tires.:sorry1:
Yeah, I was a little bummed that the guy did that, but a good scrubbing will make it go away.

Any time I paint rims, I take the tires off. Every once in a great while I come across a stubborn one, but mostly they come right off and go right back on.
Got the snowblower working this evening. Fuel tank and carb were clean and dry, oil was full, added some gas, hit the primer button a few times, 4 pulls and it fired. I still can't believe these were free.
Those Ariens blowers are tanks. Other than the rod-tossing Tecumseh engines, they are indestructible. The Trac-Team attachments make them very versatile.

Nice score!
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