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When forward is reverse

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Howdy Y'all.

I just spent well over half of my 18th birthday completing my K66 conversion on my LT180. Now, my only problem is the forward pedal makes the machine move backwards, and the reverse pedal moves it forward. It seems that the transmission is running the correct direction, the linkage just moves it backwards. Has anyone else ran into this small problem with their conversion?

Also: I have a hint for the conversion, I used G100 rims and hubs for an extra $100, instead of waiting for the G110 rims to show up.
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there are a couple different version of the K66. they use a different setup to determine direction. you need to modify your linkage so that it reverses it's direction so it can make the machien move the way you want. you would need to attach teh linkage from teh pedals to a pivot above the tranny that would make it push the lever for forward and pull it for reverse so it goes right. understand?
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