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Wheel weights.

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I just received the wheel weights for my new Husqvarna 2348LS. They are #62 for the pair. Is there a heavier set available that anyone knows about or a manufacturer cross over that will bolt right on ??? #50 ea. instead of #31 ???
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Like LLigetfa said - check Sears. They have a pair that come with quick release which makes it fairly easy to remove them for the summer. I have a pair and really like them. You may have to do some drilling, but that's no biggy.
That link is for ONE weight. Well worth the money though. They're the heaviest they sell.
Hi EMT80 , :Welcome1:

Being that your tires are 20"x8" , that might be the heaviest for this size of tire/rim , but why not go ahead and use your new wheel weights and also load your tires with windshield washer fluid , I'm sure that would give you your weight , plus it's not that expensive ...

I don't think the 50 lbs weights will fit on the 8" rims. Are you sure you need more weight? What are you doing? During the winter I have the 30 lb weights and a 70 lb keg of sand on a tray behind the tractor, but I am running a VERY heavy snowblower. Even so, for most of last winter I ran with the keg about half full of sand until I opened up another bag, and I had no real traction problems.
:confused: Thanks for all the input. I like the idea of "loading" the tires with fliud, but..... why windshield fluid ?? Is there a tire rot or rim rot problem over time with other ballasts ?? How do I load it ?? I've heard of this being done for years and years with "calcium", but I've never seen it done or done it myself. Crack the bead a touch and pour it in while it's laying down, then add air to seal the bead when full ??? Does the fluid need to be changed every couple seasons ???
How do I load it
Either break the bead and fill , leaving 1/4 of the space for air or get the fluid adapter that fits on the valve stem . Did mine using the adapter since they are the original 40 year old tires and was worried about tearing them up if I broke the bead .

Loaded tires made a HUGE difference in traction for me . Haven't even bothered with wheel weights since loading them .
Why windshield fluid? It's cheap, and won't freeze. Calcium Chloride solution is heavier, costs much more, will rot out your rims, and is toxic if you puncture a tire and it leaks out. Stuff called Rim gard? made from beets is supposed to be eco-friendly, weigh more but costs more than windshield fluid.
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