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wheel weights

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Hey guys, this may sound a bit unusual, but I would be interested in some dimensions off of some rear wheel weights for a 318, If I can come up with enough info (diameter, thickness, hole spread, etc.), I believe I could make my own, try to save a few $$$$. I work in a fab/machine shop and have access to everything I need except the numbers.... Anybody got any help for me?
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unfortunately I cannot give you the specific information you requested, but since you work at a fab machine shop I'm sure you have the ability to take one of your rims and measure the dish of the rim, and then make your own wheel weights. The square holes in the rim are for the bolts that mount the weight to the rim. You can also do a search of the forum for the many pictures that you can use as a reference of the general size and shape. But there should be somebody that comes along that should be able to give you exact dimensions. Good luck with your project and keep us informed.
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The BM17972 Wheel Weight weighs 50lbs. or 23kg.
It is 2 1/4" thick.
The Diameter is 11 1/4'
The bolt holes are around 5/8" diameter and are 8 3/4" apart at their centers.
Look on this thread for a picture:

Paint them yellow, we want pictures, good luck.
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Also, if you can make them economically, you may have some customers!!:thThumbsU (wink.. wink):praying:
Might as well try to make them, its better to try and fail then to never have tried at all! :wwp:
I built mine, they are not yellow. but I'll give you some pictures.

They are 1 1/4" boiler plate I picked up at the scrap yard. Had to turn these to the dia. that would fit in the wheels.

I have four the other two fit out side the wheel and were not turned. They weighed 44 pound a piece when I bought them.

You can see the bolt circle on the first weight, then we indexed them and drilled four 3/16" holes in the back weights. I used those hole to drill the out side weight. You can see I only used two holes on the out side weight. I may have left some parts out as these were made 30 years ago.

The part I left out was we had to weld a stub shaft on the back before we could turn them that was cut off after we finished turning.

I filled the start of the cut out on the out side weight. If you look to the left
on the back weight below the rule you can see the start of the cut out.

Mounted up.
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You can add bar bell weights like I did. Cheaply. 1 15 lbs and 1 20 lbs on each side.

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