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Wheel weights for suburbans

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Anyone know where to find new wheel weights that will fit the 60s and 70s suburbans?? Thanks
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Most any wheel weight made for 12" wheels will work. New or old Craftsman, deere, cub, bolens, horse, etc.
I saw this and had no camera DUH! What I thought was duallies on a garden tractor turned out to be old tires filled with concrete with big carriage head bolts going through the center. I couldn't tell how it was done. The tires were touching or nearly touching each other. The outside center was all concrete with two carriage heads visible.

It was on an old wheel horse. If I see it again with someone around I'll ask if I can take pictures.
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I'd imagine they just made a center spacer to go between the wheels and bolted the two wheels together using the wheel weight mounting holes. At least, that's what I'd do.
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