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Wheel Tracks/Matted Grass

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First the facts:

Husqvarna GT52XLS, fabricated deck, stock blades, no bagger; cutting height 3" or 3.5"; deck is properly leveled, blades are sharp, and tires are inflated to the recommended 12 pounds.

Despite the rain this summer, the yard drains well (with the exception of a couple of low spots). It is a mix of bluegrass, rye and fescue and is by all measures a very healthy lawn.

The trouble I'm having is that the tractor wheels are pushing the grass down (not unexpected) and the grass isn't coming back up for days at a time, leaving a very uneven appearance. When it does pop back up, it's generally taller than the surrounding grass as it's been mashed ahead of the cutting deck.

I alternate patterns with each mowing (horizontal, vertical, both diagonals, and even circular) so that I'm not running over the same grass all the time.

Is this a mower issue? A grass issue? Is there anything that I can attach that will pull the grass back up as I mow?

I don't see this on any other lawns in my neighborhood - just mine.

With thanks in advance,

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Jim see if you can use a neighbors tractor of a different brand to mow your lawn and see what the lawn looks like. That would elimate most of the tractor related questions. I have had basically the same garden tractror/mower the last 6 years and see more of the packing of grass this year than I have in the past. I think most of it is because the grass is wetter than normal. Roger
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I've noticed the same thing. I've been push mowing lately.
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The wheels most definitely are *not* putting a rut into the soil - they're just flattening the grass which seems to take a couple of days to pop back up.

I wonder if one of those tow-behind sweepers would puff the grass back up again? I don't need to collect the clippings per se, but the brush might help? Maybe?

And Roger, I think you may be right - the grass has been wetter than normal for sure.

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if they make a 'high lift' blade for ur deck .. get them.. they do a good job of standin the bent grass up..
Same deal here, been awful wet and I pushed it running the AMX through, shoulda waited/ran the Murray... Looked like a 3 year-old gave it a haircut when I was done.

Just push mowed/mulched the mess, much improved... it's dry now so that helps too. In for a break (90*F), gonna make a low pass next with the 'Bota to disperse the clippings; should bag 'em yeah but that's too much like work.

Typhoon inbound we'll see what's left once that's passed.

Worked good edit, the AMX eliminated 90% of the layabouts, pushed to the curb/border fence almost looks like it should now. :fing32:
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Make sure you have the throttle wide open when mowing, and try going slower. This may help the blades lift the grass.
I also get the tracks in my yard, always have, been it's been a little more pronounced this year wit hall the rain. I have come to like it as my yard looks kinda like a checkerboard with the criss-cross patterns of mowing 4 different ways.
I REALLY expected an issue with the 2,000+ pound machine I just picked up :dunno:

15.5 inch wide tires pushing the grass down, RIGHT in front of the mower,,, :swow:

There was a slight issue of uneven cutting,,,, where the grass had received PLENTY of fertilizer,,,


where there was normal or little fertilizer, the mower cut perfectly flat.

So, it may be the rain, and grass feeding,,, causing FAST growth.
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After a couple of dry days, I went out to have a closer look.

The areas with the poorest drainage looked the worst, but I also noticed that sections with a higher percentage of rye grass (probably due to patching/seeding over the years) were more likely to flop over and stay that way.

When I brush the grass up with my hand, t's clear that the rye is getting flattened before it gets cut as it's noticeably taller. As the lawn dries out and it starts to spring back up, it's taking on an uneven appearance since the front wheels push it down ahead of the mowing deck.

The irony here is that I'm mowing high - 3" to 3.5" as we're headed into the hot season here - and I'll bet this would be less of a problem if I cut it lower (which I'll resist the temptation to do).

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I have all my machines set to mow at 2 1/2.. I do not get any 'lean over' look.. I use a JD LT 155 with the full time mulchin deck.. the 'Freedom 42'.. all 3 of these machines leave no grass to b seen & they will stand the grass back up straight to cut it..
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