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Wheel spacers?

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Getting the tractor ready for winter and wanted to know if anyone has a solution to my problem. Pro tractor with turf tires and steering kit. Here's the problem, I find that when I put chains on, the chains interfer with the steering linkage. Does anyone know if Gravely made a spacer kit to move the wheels out to create clearance for the chains? If not does anyone have the same problem and and or a solution?
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Gravely did make a steering brake plate spacer! For mounting the wheels. They might have been for the older style 3-bolt hubs, though. I've only seen them on Ebay once -- they were NOS leftovers from a dealer. Didn't sell for much.
Far as I know, the 6-bolts never were setup other than the drums bolted to the inside of standard hubs. Those used two spacers behind the hubs to get the hub out the thickness of the hub for brake clearance on 5000/Pros. The 4 bolts only used one for all uses and couldn't use two there as the axle was too short. Gravely knew there was a clearance problem with the 50" decks and dual 4-bolts and said that the 4-bolt hubs had to be changed to 6-bolts and spacers. L-1786 5/1995.
I believe the spacer was designed to bolt between the rim and the hub in order to push out the tires a bit further -- Probably as thick as the mounting lip or not much thicker -- to allow for just enough clearance to mount chains.
I'll have to see what I can dig up. That would also help between the tire rims for wider tires on the 6-bolt rims.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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