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Wheel spacers?

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Getting the tractor ready for winter and wanted to know if anyone has a solution to my problem. Pro tractor with turf tires and steering kit. Here's the problem, I find that when I put chains on, the chains interfer with the steering linkage. Does anyone know if Gravely made a spacer kit to move the wheels out to create clearance for the chains? If not does anyone have the same problem and and or a solution?
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Gravely did make a steering brake plate spacer! For mounting the wheels. They might have been for the older style 3-bolt hubs, though. I've only seen them on Ebay once -- they were NOS leftovers from a dealer. Didn't sell for much.
I believe the spacer was designed to bolt between the rim and the hub in order to push out the tires a bit further -- Probably as thick as the mounting lip or not much thicker -- to allow for just enough clearance to mount chains.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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