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Wheel Horse C-105

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Hello, this is the first I have been on this form, usually shy away from the wheel horses. I run a Craigslist ad for free or cheap small engines and a guy emailed me saying he had a free wheel horse. Turns out it was a c-105 with 10hp kolher and high low transmission. I am working on getting it running, right now the carb is soaking. However the fuel pump is not pumping right now. I am soaking the gaskets in oil. The rear fender plastic is really beat up. Why type of oil does the transmission take. I plan on reselling this so don't want to put a lot in it and not get it back. What do these usually go for? Also has a deck. Will try and get some pics up soon.:thanku:
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The trans takes Gear oil, 80/90, or 90/140 2 qts.
OK thanks, I take it I can put it thru the dipstick tube? Also does anybody know what fenders pans are interchangeable with this? Thanks
Any of the 'newer" C series should work--Don't know plentiful they are in your Area, however--
Yes, the later C series metal seat pans should have the same bolt pattern.
(after 1973)
Got it running today, had to do a little coaxing to get the fuel pump to work but it seems to be working now. Runs really smooth and quite with no smoke, now I know why everyone likes these kolhers. Replace the front wheel bearing, I also tightened the rear hub. I took it for a drive and looked down and saw it was moving in and out again. There is only one set screw. Are there any tricks to getting these to stay in place. Still forgot the pics.
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Don't run it much with the set screw like that--it will bugger out the key slot on the axle and the hub houseing--

Pull the wheel off--then the hub all way off and see what that looks like.

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I think I got it, I switched set screws around. The one I took out was flat and not holding much. The axle and slot are in really good shape. The rest of the tractor is in good shape other than the fenders. Will have pics tomorrow.
Well my "fix" didn't work so I drilled and tapped a new set screw and now it is holding great. If this was a bigger tractor I might consider keeping it. It shifts really smoothly and the shifter is conveniently located. Here are some pics, I do have the hood but took it off to work on motor. I would like to repaint it as the paint is starting to peel. Once I give it a good bath it will look a lot except for the rear fenders. I decreased the wheels and they look great.

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Looks good--you are coming along w/ it!!

New problem, when the tractor is running, and I act like I am going to engage the deck the motor cuts out. Does it have to have a belt for the mower deck? OR is the safety switch bad? Thanks
Does anyone know the belt size needed from the motor to the mower deck. Also this looks like it would fit doesn't it?
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Most of the kohler driven wheel horses can run a 96" to 98" belt.
Up to 100" inches is useable, but I learned long ago not to use the longer belts.
When the longer belts eventually stretch.....there is no adjustment left on the
front pulley bracket (mule drive).

You could bypass the safety switch to test if it's bad. In some of those later models,
there was a safety switch on the pto as well as the clutch.

Could the brades be jammed or deck spindle seized? (motor cutting out).
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The ignition is powered by the pto switch when the pto is OFF.
When the pto is engaged the pto switch changes the ignition circuit so it is now powered by the seat switch which must be closed by operator presence.

If operating properly with mower running, operator falls out of seat - engine stops.

36" Mower drive belt Toro 102741 {HA/Ax96.6"}
6638BR Gates 17/32"x96-3/4" Wrapped
6638BR Napa 17/32"x96-3/4" Wrapped

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Ok thanks, I fixed the safety switch by bypassing it.
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