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Hello Guys,

Long time no talk! I forgot how much I love this site :howdy:

Anywho My dad has as wheel horse 1057. I think it is like a 67 or something like that. I am looking for a plow to put on his tractor for Christmas for him. I found a plow that came off a 855 and was wondering if it would fit on a 1057, from what I understand there is a short frame and a long frame right?

Any help would be much appreciated!

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Like TDA posted, if the plow was made after 73 it may be a universal one that will fit either frame size.
The 855 is a short frame
The 1057 is a long frame (approx 4" longer)

The std plow that was made for the short frame WH's will have it's frame made like an "A" frame. Narrow at the plow (front) end and two frame rails that run back to form an "A".

The long frame/universal plow frame also starts back in an "A" configuration but approx 8" or so from the end the frame rails bend so that they run parallel to each other. There will be two holes for the rear mounting rod to install, the further holes os for the lonbg frame, the holes closer to the front are for the short frame.
Clear as mud? :D
In this case a pic or two woul dprobably be a much better way to see the difference.
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