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Good afternoon fellow Board members,

I have a possible repair issue I need a bit of insight with.

The 244 is original equipment with its second used
transmisssion from a burned 244 that was salvaged.

The original transmission died in the middle of the
the yard while mowing about 6 years ago.

Now the new transmission is growling and the oil
is leaking out the axle shaft seals for both wheels.


Should I bother with the new seals or wait until it
dies and send it to the happy hunting ground?

I can always pick up a second tractor at the big
box stores as the Wheel Horse and the new stablemate
are going to be hauling wood this winter in addition to
moving snow.

I have a plow for the Wheel Horse and wheel weights
as well as chains.

The 244 hydro Wheel Horse is on its second mower deck
as well and used for rough mowing only.

Or should I just sell it for scrap?
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