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Wheel adjusters

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Found a quick and easy way to fix up old split or chewed up plastic covers on wheel adjusters. Bought a can of liquid vinyl Plasti-Dip. 2 dips, some dry time and 2 more seems to cover quite well. You can trim the dingle berries from drip drying once fully dry. Haven't found white, but used black over the white. Haven't checked the website yet, but they may make yellow and white too. Custom colors available the product states. My local Menards had black and red for $6.88 a can. Much cheaper and easier than trying to pry off the old ones. Been there and done that.
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Good tip....My hardware store carries yellow, black and red.

Definitely need to work on the dingle berrie
Hey, thanks for the Tip O' the Day, Echoman! With that product, a lot of touch-ups could be made on various machinery knobs/handles/tools, etc. Glad you posted that info.
Been thinking about it for awhile now, but kept forgetting to pick some up. I have an F series deck swap im doing for a fella from steel to aluminum, and the adjusters on the aluminum deck were starting to split. This seems like the best way to fix the problem, plus I have some tools that could use a dip or two.
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I have blue and it works very well. Didn't know they had red I'll have to look for some.
Red and Blue for the Centennials, Yellow for the IH's!
Red and Blue for the Centennials, Yellow for the IH's!
Yellow for the promo models too. Mine are in really good shape thankfully.
You know better than to post without pics. You are grounded for one week son.
Sorry for lack in postin pics. Does work well. Nice rubberized grip to them now.
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