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What's wrong??????????

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I drove 30 minutes to pick up a new belt today, and I put it on and, about a minute after I started running it, I noticed some smoke. Well turns out, the belt looked just as bad as the old one....:banghead3 I don't know what I am going to do. To make things worse, were supposed to get 2-4 inches of snow tomorrow and I have about 5 houses to do... Help!!!
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Your routing is incorrect, or the idler pulley is frozen.
I got a belt from deere, correct part number WRONG belt...

will need more info to provide any real help, but I agree seized parts or improper routing makes the most sense from the info provided...

I have kind of calmed down a bit.. I am going to leave it to the hands of my fix up guy that has done work to it before. all of the pulleys turn, the belt was smoking a bit, and when I looked a little bit, it looked like the small pulley was out of line from the big pulley. I checked the routing before I turned on the mower to make sure it was correct and it was. So I think it was something with the idler pulley.
"I got a belt from deere, correct part number WRONG belt..."
They are as good with belts as they were with my transport belt idlers!:D

Long runs of belt makes the idler alignment critical. If you can, run the machine w/PTO on engine @ idle and look at the belt as it runs. It should be readily apparant where the belt is being chewed up and which way it needs to be adjusted. Sometimes it's hard to judge the adjustments with the belt stopped as they move around when running. Do this before you get another new belt and correct the angles and "guards" over the pullies.

I don't care what anyone else sez, the belt has to be running to see the necessary correction adjustment. That's just my 2 busted belts experience with my JD 42 thrower... I "adjusted" the belt 5 times with it stopped and couldn't get where it was misaligned. Ran it and watched the idlers and "bingo", no new belts in 7 years.
Not to upset any of you guys, but I am going to pull out the trusty ol' walk behind for the rest of the year. I can't have this many problems when dealing with a bunch of houses to do.
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