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What's up with my 332 Quick Hitch PTO?

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I've had my 332 for almost 3 years now. I never really looked at the front PTO drive much. While adjusting the belt tension I had the PTO drive off and looked at it closely. Looks really hacked up.

What should a 318/322/332 quick hitch PTO drive look like? Here is mine.

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That is a lot of wear, looks like it caught some force to bend the frame like that. Do you have a P/N for it?
I think it should be AM119935. Looks like it went hard into a snowbank, I would think there would be some binding in the bearing if it is bent.
I concur the beside the frame of the drive, the bearing, bearing holder, and maybe shaft took damage as well.
The shaft and pulley spin smooth and free.

I've been using it like this for 2.5 years. Whatever happened was long ago.

Where would the part # be stamped?

Strange damage as the pto pulley is tucked up between the frame and behind a quick hitch.
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So I did a little digging at the JD parts site. Here is the info. As I stated the frame took an impact, etc items 20, 23, etc


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