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what's the reason for the hole in my 49 blower paddle ?

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Why does each of the 2 blower paddles have a hole in the center ?? Also if I do the rubber mod and don't like it are the 2 holes gonna be a problem ??
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Well, first, let's believe that auger (heck, the whole front of the blower) was made for multiple applications. So, who knows? One application may have had a rubber flap stock!

Two holes will be twice as bad (or good) as one. I can't imagine an issue, but if there were, it would be easy to plug them with a bolt.
If you duct tape a harmonica over it, and then punch out the middle three holes, you get be first in the GT parade.
Now I understand why you get paid the big bucks here. I'd have never thought of that!
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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