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whats that hole do?

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ok i poured in some gear oil into the stearing box on my 1948 ford 8n tractor and it dripped back out from a hole in front of a plug on the bottom of the tractor the hole it dripped out from is like on the bottom by the transmission and there is a big drain plug then the hole is infront of that big drain plug, anybody know what that hole does and why its drippin the gear oil i put into the stearing box?
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Well... that hole (if I fully understand what hole you're talking about) is a drain hole for the clutch housing... to keep oil (typically from a leaking rear main seal or a leaking transmission input seal) from contaminating the clutch.

Now... the steering box has a hole in the bottom of it (at least the newer ones... after mid-1950... and I think this part is the same) to allow you to access the lower thrust bearing for the steering box. Maybe the plug for yours is missing, broken or not over the hole? A worst case scenario... the bottom of your steering box could be cracked.
where's you add oil at into your steering box?

How about a pic to help us understand what hole you are talking about.
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