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Whats needed to made my 16g ready for plow days

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I want to set the 16g I am buying up for plow days. She only has the stationary hitch right now. What all do I need to add the liftable hitch and is this all very expensive/hard to find? That may determine whether I buy it or just post it for sale on the shops site. Thanks Mike
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He said it had no issues, what goes out on the PTO clutch? failure to engage at all or slippage? I will check it monday if I can, do I need to remove the snowblade and put the mower on to check it? Gravelys are a new thing to me
Main thing is check the free play with pto engaged in the slot for the lever. Should be about a 1/2 inch

Heres what goes if they slip

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Theres suppose to be material there

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Not a fun job to change either :hide:

If it checks out I agree with John thats an ok price. By no means a steal but a nice looking machine!
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I knew it wasnt a steal, but a fair price. Not much grass to mow this time of year. I will look at the free play in the slot with it engaged. From the overall condition it looks to have led an easy life, even the paint wear on the foot rests is minimal. He was using it for snow removal and mowing with a Cub Cadet 1050. Mower deck is a 50". And no the repair/rebuild of the clutch doesn't look fun(was ready the sticky on it just now) but I have had worse torn apart in my years as a mechanic.
More than likely its alright then. Not keeping the clutch adjusted is the biggest killer of the pto and useing the wrong oil or run it low on oil. A very common time is around 600hrs on a clutch. But I've seen them go as much as 1000 hrs on the original to. All depends ok luck I suppose when it goes.

Truthfully to me anyhow it looks alot worse than it is. Just time consuming repair more than anything. I can do them in 6 hours if all goes smooth. I quote 8hrs in case I run into something. Usually do about 3 or 4 a year at work being a small engine mechanic myself. Parts wise is still around 500 ish I think to do it
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