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Whats needed to made my 16g ready for plow days

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I want to set the 16g I am buying up for plow days. She only has the stationary hitch right now. What all do I need to add the liftable hitch and is this all very expensive/hard to find? That may determine whether I buy it or just post it for sale on the shops site. Thanks Mike
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I would only need the liftable hitch for what I want to do, I already have a pair of 8.50 ag tires to swap onto it. The front mounted rotating plow would be interesting to see in use at a plow day, but the needed front mount and that plow are probably expensive. I wont see any plow days till next spring at the earliest, so I have plenty of time to find the liftable hitch. And I agree it seems Gravely was shooting toward the mower/snow remover with the G series at that point. Otherwise the rear lift should have been standard equipment. I used to not care for the looks of the riders, but after playing on one this summer (816) that came into the shop for repair, I got hooked. I am tall and there is so much more room than the JD 140H3 I have now. Having the engine heat/exhaust below and behind is nice, as well as sitting up fairly high. My 140H3 needs more than I have the money and desire to mess with, along with needing a hitch. The 16G is really really clean, runs perfect, just needs a hitch. The Liftable hitches I see have 2 positions for mounting the sleeve hitch plow, so I dont think the tire offset will effect it that much, I normaly run them in the narrow position to closely match the front wheel track, along with running nothing wider than a 8.50 tire. The wider tires have issues staying down in the furrow if your following a smaller tractor/smaller plow. Would the budgeted $150 cover the hitch and all linkages to lift it? The 16g does have Hyd lift on it. If you need turning brakes on a GT to plow, your doing something wrong or trying to do to much.
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Of all the years I have gone to plow days, on Cubs, SGT Cubs and most of the other major brands, I have never, ever needed the turning brakes. A properly set up machine and plow will just not need them. Now if you want to push the envelope with a multi-bottom plow or a plow thats just to big for the tractor, then you might need them. Yes the 140 has the turning brakes, but is the earlier model with the disc rear brakes over the later and more prefered drum set up and ring/pinion rear end. If its going to be a real ***** to set her up, I may pass on it. The price I can get the tractor with snow blade and deck is excellent in my opinion. And like I said, it only needs a home and the hitch. The hitch for the 140 is in that same ball park money wise, maybe easier to find but not any cheaper.
Here is what she looks like, has the blade on right now, deck is near perfect with very little use. Is this worth $1000?

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He said it had no issues, what goes out on the PTO clutch? failure to engage at all or slippage? I will check it monday if I can, do I need to remove the snowblade and put the mower on to check it? Gravelys are a new thing to me
I knew it wasnt a steal, but a fair price. Not much grass to mow this time of year. I will look at the free play in the slot with it engaged. From the overall condition it looks to have led an easy life, even the paint wear on the foot rests is minimal. He was using it for snow removal and mowing with a Cub Cadet 1050. Mower deck is a 50". And no the repair/rebuild of the clutch doesn't look fun(was ready the sticky on it just now) but I have had worse torn apart in my years as a mechanic.
I dont even need it to mow truth be told. I might give it a work out once or twice a year at a friends but its more to take to shows, pull the moldboard plow and be different. Gravely's is the one brand I do not see out playing in the field on most all plowing events and not commonly seen at shows, atleast the riders. I myself am different, so I enjoy just being different. Only other thing I need to do is put chrome turnouts on the exhaust pipes so they are not blowing right back on my friend I pull around on a sulky at the huge Portland show and swap meets. Right now they angle downward just inboard of the stationary hitch. How much do the engine guards go for? Thats probably a smart item to mount back there. Mike
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