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Whats it worth

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I bought a 1967 john deere 112.I am working on restoring it. It has a snow blade and deck but i am getting a 1 bottom plow for it. With everything rebuilt and painted what would something like this be worth if i were to sell it. I was hoping to sell this one and a craftsman to get closer money wise to a ford 8n tractor.
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honestly it is worth only what someone is willing to pay. you may get 1k for it or you may have to just about pay someone to take it. it all boils down to who is looking for one in your area. keep in mind that most folks are going to go buy a brand new $1-2000.00 machine thinking they got something better than a 42 year old machine. and for MOST of them the newer machiens are better since they can't maintain an old one.

once you get it fixed up you may get the best offer by taking it to a local tractor show.
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Most of the time restoring these older ones is a money loser if done right. I have around $2200 into my 1964, 110 but i didn't restore it to sell. slkpk

It's not hard to put upwards of a $1000 in one of these "if done right". That's NOT including time spent on the project! ~~ grnspot110
Fixed up to good running condition, fresh paint, decent tires, a new seat and no cracks in the hood, you could reasonably expect to get close to $1000 for the Deere with the attachments you mentioned with some patience and exposure to folks looking for one.
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