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What would you pay-- 318

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There is a 318 with no engine listed locally.
Assuming it passed a visual inspection and was found to be in relatively good condition and fairly closeby.
What would you give for it ?
There is also a B48g listed that runs but has 1500 hrs on it. Compression is 100 on each side. What would you give for that ?

They are different sellers.
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Looks like a clean tractor,check the hrs, and see if the drive shaft and such is still in the tractor.Don't think I've sever seen one the hydraulics didn't work no matter how ragged out.Then its how bad you want one and how common they are in your area.I'd rather start with a clean machine with no engine than a ragged out/worn out one that ran.A variety of engines could fit with a little work.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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