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What would you pay-- 318

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There is a 318 with no engine listed locally.
Assuming it passed a visual inspection and was found to be in relatively good condition and fairly closeby.
What would you give for it ?
There is also a B48g listed that runs but has 1500 hrs on it. Compression is 100 on each side. What would you give for that ?

They are different sellers.
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Well, assuming they don't leak, there are two hundred dollars worth of hydraulic cylinders on there, depending on the year a $150 steering valve, and some other goodies. Even so, I would not go above $350 for the tractor.

As for the engine, the B48G was from a 420 and may require a little work to retrofit. Then you may have wiring differences. Still, it's worth $205-$350 even as a core.
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