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What would you pay-- 318

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There is a 318 with no engine listed locally.
Assuming it passed a visual inspection and was found to be in relatively good condition and fairly closeby.
What would you give for it ?
There is also a B48g listed that runs but has 1500 hrs on it. Compression is 100 on each side. What would you give for that ?

They are different sellers.
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From the picture in the ad, it looks like a clean 318, but his price of $650 is way too high. If you could get that cab in the background, it might make it worth the $650, but I wouldn't pay over $300 for it without an engine. If you decided to buy it and get an engine to put into it, you never know what misc pieces are going to be missing and those little pieces add up when you have to buy them all.


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1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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