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There is a 1974 JD 110 for sale local to me. Says the motor has been rebuilt. What should I look for on this before I buy? Are there common things that wear out on them etc? Thanks for any help. Also, what would a fair price be for one with nice paint (not repainted) but looks nice. Has a little rust on the some edges. No deck, and claims to have a rebuilt Kohler.

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The gear drive tractors are work horses and generally a much cheaper machine to get into.

Common things would be grinding going into gear or popping out of gear while driving indicating the detent springs are broken. A fairly easy repair if your mechanically inclined.

Engine wise, it should start good and not smoke.

Without seeing it, I'd say 250 to 600 depending on condition. Decks are easy to find. I always value a nice original paint machine higher than a repaint because in my experience not many people take the time to do a paint job the right way.

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