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I know where this Cub is sitting--and who owns it....but have not actually seen it in person--Then I spot it up on C/List this morning....
Three questions--if I may.....

1.Has a lot of hours--according to article -1450 hrs. 12 years old--about normal? Sounds like some engine work coming up-huh?

2. "Transmission starting to jerk/hesitate" (unquote)..Six speed auto (?)
Which is it--a hydro or a gear drive?

3. I'm thinking this is not really a GT--in the true sense of the word.
I''ll think up some more stuff and be back....

++And I know--I don't need (really anything else to work on right now--)


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It sounds like your talking about an AGS machine(Auto Gear System).They are a gear drive tractor with a shifter on the fender pan with foot controls for forward and reverse. A lot of people thought that you could use the foot control like a hydro pedal but when you do that you burn up the clutch plates inside the transmission. To properly use them you would select the gear and fully depress the forward or reverse pedal. Do you have a model number of the machine?
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