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What models do you have? (BOLENS)

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Since there's not alot of posts on the Bolens forum tonight I am curious as to how many Bolens do all of you have and what models. :wwp: :trink40:
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G14, G10, and 1050 plus a parts tractor I have no idea what model it is. 4 in all
My sig has them all listed.
My signature has them all listed to 16 in all, I am going to post a family photo some time this week, I plan on getting another one this week to.
At present,I have a model 14 Bolens that I mow with,that's the AJ Foyt signature edition tractor from 1987,I have a Husky 900 that I use for moving snow,I have a snowcaster and a blade for that,it also has a sleeve hitch that I have a David Bradley plow set up to work with.I'm also working at restoring a 1940s Bolens model 12A that has an early model 700 Clinton engine on it,I have a front mounted reel mower for it also but I still need a couple of pulleys to finish it.
I have a 1976 1255 / G12, demoted to parts tractor. passed along by my father in law, it worked well for my needs, plowing and snowblowing, but it was actually in a fire 20 years ago, so the tractor is not complete and quite jerry rigged. I had it repowered with a 13hp honda clone.

recently bought a complete 1970 1253, non running. did some kijiji selling of 2 mower decks and the non running tecumseh it came with, and ended up ahead financially in the deal. currently swapping good parts onto the 1253 like the front axle/ steering head, rear axle, 13hp engine, etc. wasn't rusty, tins were in good shape, and like I said, complete and original...axles are a little loose though!

previous owner must have been a massey fan, he painted it red with a brush!?! some people's children...
Here's a picture of my Husky 900,it's a working restoration

Here it is from the other side,I'm in the process of figuring out a hydraulic lift for it

Here's a couple pictures of my 12A Walking tractor,I still need to put the handles back on and I need a couple of pulleys.

1886-01 or 02
This is my fleet as of now:

Next weekend I am going to pick up a 800 and 850. I will have the pics as soon as I get them.
I have a 1669L

And a 1556 that was in pieces when i got it, and still is. I haven't decide weather to part it or put it back together. The engine is frozen, havent had a chance to check the rest yet.
Two HT-20's, 1250, 850, and a Bolens Yardman.
Two 54" decks, a 48" deck, two power snow blades, two manual snow blades, 48" box blade, 36" roto tiller, most favorite...48" FEL.
my son has a nice husky 900 that i'm gonna try to repower with a tra 12d
I have a 1959 Ride a Matic , a 1254 repowered with a Kohler 12hp and two 1966 850's one running other for parts.
I have 3 and they ae in my signature and I have 3 snow blades ( 2 are bolens blades and 1 is a built for my bolens) 1 for each and 2 mower decks one for the 1476 and 1 for the g-10 and I am looking for a larger horse power with a fel to add to the collection or a fel for the 1476 and put a 2 stage valve on it
a 1250 so far . . .


two ht 20s and a h14 with two 32" tillers two 54" decks and one 42" deck
Here is my small fleet. 2- 1050's. Hopefully will add to it soon. I asked Santa for another tractor, but doubt I will get it seeing the gentlemen that owns it is way over priced.:banghead3


This is my list of bolens tractors:

'63 800
'72 1256
'72 1886
'73 h16
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