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What model IS this??

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Local Kijiji ad.
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I am guessing it is a 112.
I do not think its a 112 because they don't come with metal seats like that and the engine is different based on the 1974 112 I just hauled home the other week.

I am guessing that is a 110 or 140, something round fendered and from the 1960's. Looks like it could be a really neat tractor if it was all put back together.
Its a cobbed up round fender. Over priced by about $950.00
Its a cobbed up round fender. Over priced by about $950.00
I agree. I got a complete JD110 in good running condition with very little rust, a cutting deck and a snow plow for 300 bucks. I'd offer this guy 100.
69 project 112 Made prior to 1968 Looked just like the 110 with a metal pan seat and it not a 140 Because 140's had a fender deck like your 1974 112
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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