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What model is this cub cadet?

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Anyone know what model this is?

Cadet Mower


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:thanku: CubQuest. Any Idea what they are worth ?
I have no idea, I've never seen one. I know if there was one near me for sale I'd try to buy it though.
Wow, a real survivor.

Snag that thing, clean it up and don't touch a thing besides that seat and riser contraptions. Original white steering wheel even looks to be in great shape. Be a pity for someone to come along and "restore" it.

Nice find.
:thanku: CubQuest. Any Idea what they are worth ?
Not much more than the yellow version, unfortunately. I saw one come up for sale near me a few years ago. Neat to see, but unless you're a collector they're not better in any way.
I think it is a model 80 and year 1976.
It's a model 76...gear drive with a 3 speed peerless and 7hp B&S. The 80 was a hydrostatic with an 8 horse Briggs.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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