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What kinda motor can I put on this?

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"2005, has hydro-static transmixer, 48 inch deck. All is in good working order, motor is a basket case, came with a 24 hp Briggs. Can help with delivery if needed. 400.00 obo"

Just saw this ad, and it got me thinking. I picked up a free MTD GT from Craigslist several months ago. It was pretty rusted out, but the Briggs 18hp twin-cyl motor runs great. If the motor on this Craftsman is truly blown, could I fit my working Briggs motor into this machine? Do these motor mounts (or whatever connects 'em to the frame) line up pretty easily? I'm a newbie at this tractor stuff, but I can figure out mechanical stuff pretty easily. Whatcha think?
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That engine will fit, your only problem would be the charging system as that tractor has an electric PTO, therefore you would have to provide enough juice via your charging system to run the PTO.

Can the charging systems on these motors be beefed up to accommodate accessories like electric PTO?
I would never put a motor on something like that... You would be cutting off the cord everything you turned around...You would be much better with an engine...

Motor...a machine that converts electricity into a mechanical motion

Engine...a machine designed to convert energy into useful mechanical motion.
My, my, aren't we a nitpicky bunch...
Geeze Kev, way to make the new guy feel welcome...
Hey Zoom....u can find some on Craigs ...with good V twin engines & bad mowers once in a while....I have done so here....paid 150 for one with a 20 hp V....200 for another with a 21 hp V in it.... both have the high output chargin systems for an elect deck clutch.... & yes.....most brands of engines will interchange to mounting holes (take a Briggs off & put on a Kolher....etc...) u may have to get techky on the wirin part to make it work tho

just for wat's it worth...I buy on Craigs all the them & resell there....must have 40-50 mowers on property now for that.... if ya need any help.....give me a buzz in mail....
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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