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What kind should I get?

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Hey, so I'm looking at picking up an old ride on, but I'm not sure which brand I should keep my eye out for. I'm looking for a older (70's-90's) one, it will mainly be used for work, plowing, digging and to redo my gravel parking pad it will probably never mow as I have a small yard, and I have a little electric push behind(SHHHHHH! Don't tell the lawn mower gods!). I have heard good and bad things about all the brands, which one do you guys prefer? It may also be used for fun, so some occasional ATV trails and such.
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how big? what is your budget? do you want a front end loader?
how big? what is your budget? do you want a front end loader?

Budget is about 500bux, I can do all the work it need myself, I have a experience with small engine and such too. No, I do not want a front end loader as all I have is a little shed to store it in, its just big enough for a ride on. I'm looking for one this size:
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ah so you want a garden tractor. well, for the money, you cant beat a sears. they are cheap, easy to work on, last forever, and super heavy duty with an AWESOME transmission.. give me a few minutes to see whats on craigslist
couldnt find any on craigslist, and i dont like kijiji, but heres an example: $500 gets you a MINT tractor, a mower, a snow/dirt plow, and a 3pt hitch
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