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Hi, I am new to the tractor world. So I was at the medal bin last spring, and found a yard machine (mtd) model 825 (20/46) with the bagging system. The hood and carburetor was off. But it looked to be in good shape. So I had to bring this home. Just wanting to take one thing at a time, to see what I had. Put the carb back on started right up, but ran rough. Found a carb kit, rebuilt it runs great now. Cut the yard a few times find it need belts. So now it has all new drive belts. I knew it need a new front axel (pivot bar) so this week I will hunt down the axel and put it on. After that I think it will be all set (but we all know how that goes) After the fall, I will just give the deck a winter cleaning. New deck belts and maybe some paint. The only thing this tractor is used for is mowing about 1½ acres
1/4 of it is old garden, very rough. What kind of blades should I put on? So after all this, free tractor will cost me some time but I don’t mind that keeps me out of the wife’s way and about $150. Not to bad.
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