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What is this Zenith 7757 Carburetor Application?

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I bought this Zenith carb at a farm auction a couple weeks ago.I have scoured the internet and every site imaginable trying to figure out what it was mounted on. There is not much info on this Zenith 7757 carb with the application number of W1197 or W1797. Can anyone help me out on this? Steve-2tawl


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It's off a Ford 8n ,9n or 2n.

They used Zeniths as a replacement carb,,can't remember the name of original carb ,,but I just rebuilt one today for a 8n and it is very similar ,,after a 2nd look,, not quite the same. (close)
Maybe off a Ford ,,pre 1952.
Well,, I did some looking and I am wrong.

But I did find a old carb with similar numbers,,but not exactly what you have.

Scroll down this page,at bottom,,blue machine,,,carb # 119760.

I think you have a very old carb off a rare item. Very hard to track things by numbers from way back.

Good luck.
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Looks Identical to the Zenith I took off my 1949 Farmall C
Are any of the threads metric?? It looks U.S. made but if metric ,,it is not. Would be French,,European.
Been away a spell.To your many thoughts, as indicated,not for the N series Fords,too big,not shaped right. Doesn't look like Metric anything on any of the threaded areas.I looked at the St.Lawrence engines, carb doesn't look right in comparison.Talking it around with people I know and the thought is possibly a stationary engine of some sort.Am still looking and searching.I may contact Zenith a last resoert.Thanks a bunch.Steve-2tawl
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I know where a IH-C is at.Will check it out.Steve-2tawl
For some reason I spent allot of time trying to find your carb on the net. At least 2 hours of looking. lol

I didn't do it all for you,,:trink39: because it was interesting at what comes up while looking.

I always thought Zenith was a newer replacement carb for Marvel Schebler,,,and it is,,,,,,,,but Zenith has been around for a very long time. Maybe even pre MS,,,I could not figure that out.

The closest I came to your carb is on the link above,,and that is on a engine the owner doesn't know what it is.

I think you have a very rare and old carb. I would not clean it up at all,,,that dirt gives it character.

If you figure it out,,let us know.

A suggestion: Maybe post on the Big Tractor forum,under vintage tractors.
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I believe it is either for a smaller IH (A, AV, Super A, B, BN, C, Super C, 100, 130, 140, 200, 230, 240) or an old small Allis Chalmers (B, C, CA, etc...) Looks just like the one I pulled off of a CA Allis for my Super C Farmall.

I believe it is either for a smaller IH (A, AV, Super A, B, BN, C, Super C, 100, 130, 140, 200, 230, 240) or an old small Allis Chalmers (B, C, CA, etc...) Looks just like the one I pulled off of a CA Allis for my Super C Farmall.


The things were used on many of the old tractors.. Caution- If the main jet is angled @ a 45 degree slant, remove it prior to carb removal or you may bend or distort it!!
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Haven't made it to the IH C yet but expect to in the next couple of days.This carb is not for an M Farmall as I matched it up to one this morning.The intake mount on my carb is paralell to the body, the M farmall intake mount is perpendicular to the carb body.I sent a rather lengthy email to Zenith Fuel Systems LLC and asked for advice for the 7757 carburetor.I may not hear anything coming back from them,but at least it was worth a try.I made mention of the fact that it would be nice if someone would post some reference numbers on the internet to help antique tractor restoration people. Zenith carburetor information is very similar to John Deere archives, not much there when trying to do research.
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Another luicky fellow has a carburetor almost exactly like mine on eBay. Item # 350517066857. He has the same problem, an unknown application. Still looking.2tawl
Well, I finally came up with an answer browsing on the internet highway on eBay of all places.I had probably looked at 300 Zenith carbs on eBay when I noticed a reference to an eBay member about specifications for a vintage Zenith carburetor.So,i contacted the eBay member thru his eBay ID and asked him a question about the # 7757 Zenith carburetor I have.After a couple of days,he emailed back the following info from his 1940 Zenith Carburetor manual:

Steve: YOUR ZENITH CARBURETOR , updraft ,(Z.C.assembly # 7757 ; W1197 (HUBER MFG.CO.{Tractor & Farm EQUIPMENT } carburetor part #) is a Z.C. MODEL 455 (7757;W1197)for a HUBER TRACTOR 4 cylinder Models L & LC,with a WAUK. model VIS engine;1936 TO 1941. THE 1941 HUBER TRACTOR models L & LC with a 4 cylinder WAUK. model VIS model engine had a 4 1/2" bore X 5 1/4" stroke =333.9 cubic inch displacement,engine.application information from has listings for ZENITH CARBURETORS by the Z.C. assembly # ; (Cars,Trucks,Tractors & MARINE engines). NOTE: THEIR LISTINGS for ZENITH CARBURETORS by assembly #is "NOT" complete.THE CARBURETOR SHOP has repair kit # 1048 listed for Z.C model 455. (application information by Z.C.assembly # ALSO listed in my Z.C. MANUAL ,STANDARD EQUIPMENT DATA , 1930 through 1940 pages J-50 & J-51 ;( 9-1-1940 ).

My 1st impression of the 7757 carbuetor was Huber tractor as I had another old carburetor like the 7757 about 10 to 15 years ago and did not have the foggiest idea what it was at the time.


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Im' glad you figured it out.

Now all you need is the tractor to go with your carb and complete your restoration!!! LOL I put 1936 Hubler into a search and come up with a wide variety of machines.

Goes to show sometimes things/info is NOT readily available. Although you can usually find it if keep trying. I say that because,,I put them numbers in ,,and come up with nothing,,although the info is in a manual ,,somewhere. lol

But if someone ever searches for this carb now,,,they will find this and solve there puzzle quickly.
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Well, I have just 1 small piece of a giant puzzle.At this rate, I will be dust vby the time I find a Huber L or LC without a carb and then the jingle will probably be more than where I want to go.My wife's uncle used to farm with his dad back in the 1940s with Huber tractors and he has said many a time,he wishes he and his dad should have saved those tractors instead of turning them into scrap.Hauled some aluminum cans for a freind of mine last year to a salvage yard.When I pulled up to the scales,a single axle trailer behind a mini van pulled into the yard with 2 complete sides for an Oliver Superr 88 on the trailer.I ran into the yard as I knew both of the owners and said I wanted to buy the sides.Said they couldn't do it as they did not have a license to sell.Dang.:banghead3 Talked to the old fella who hauled the sides in there,asked him if he knew what the sides were worth which was a whole lot more than the $3.00-4.00 he got for sheet scrap.He said he thought they were worth something,but never thought about taking them to a tractor show to sell.:banghead3:banghead3 Talked to him further and asked if he had any K491 belt pulleys for the 55 to 88 series Oliver tractors.Answer: I had one. My next question: Where is it at? Answer: In this scrap yard somewhere.:banghead3:banghead3:banghead3 I don't know why I talked to this fella,but he said his dad had owned the 1st Oliver Tractor dealership in Allen County,Ohio. Duh! :banghead3I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Then I must have been in a daze and asked: Do you have any Oliver tractor and equipment brochures,manuals or other literature? Answer: Not any more. :thSick: I didn't ask any more questions.That fella probably burnt every piece paper into toast.End of conversation,end of story.
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The best part of this experience trying to find the carb number and application is the fact we all have a source of information as this David somebody emailed back and said he will try to help anyone when we are trying to figure out what type of Zenith carburetor we have.I think he is a member of as he indicated that he went on this website and looked at my response email about another Zenith carb on eBay which had the item number in my response and he then idicated he was contacting the other eBay member to see if he could help identify the other Zenith carb.Anyway,his eBay ID is david8208. What a nice guy.Steve-2tawl:thThumbsU
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