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What is this growing in my yard?

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Hi All,

I live in the mid atlantic region (Maryland) and am seeing these little tufts pop up all over my yard. It’s currently high 30’s to low 40’s during the day. Nighttime temps still dip into mid 20’s. I just want to know what these are and if I should be treating them with something?

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Hi [email protected] looks like what we call onion grass here on is a weed...I don't get it often or much of it...I just hit it with a squirt of roundup
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Mark is right. Onion grass or wild onion.
Looking at that 1st pic, I can definately tell.
Yep - That's the dreaded sheep's leg root-weed alright.
I recommend plenty of ruffage, and 1-2 gallons of water per day.
Oh, also ... a cozy shed or barn to come home to at night - which I can see in the background there. ;):)

Thanks everyone! I’ll get some stuff to treat those.
Lime will help control them
I am with Renster on this one, kinda.
Looks exactly like leg of lamb, a very valuable crop to some people.
Roundup in a pasture that you use to graze your sheep?
It looks like 'Garlic', a spice. More commonly known as or called 'Onion Grass'.
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