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What is it worth? How old is it?

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Gonna try this again since my last post got deleted....:dunno:Old Wizard snowblower. Non-running condition. It is very heavy built and has solid tires. Looks like new inside the impellers, even the high speed one. I included some ID numbers to see if any of you can get the age of this thing.
This unit hasn't been sold. I'm thinking of buying it and I'm asking what would be a reasonable price for it as it is and then a price if it were in good running condition and all cleaned up? I'm thinking about getting it but if it proves to be too heavy for me could I get my $$ back?


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thats a 1978. its a gilson
i got my 79 non running for 20 bucks from scrapyard. i dont really know what thats worth there mine came with tire chains
Thank you sir. Appreciate the info.
That's a pretty nice looking blower Joe.

If it's running, I'd probably give $100 for it, but I know nothing about them. It just looks to be in pretty good condition and heavy. Both pluses with me.
This thing is a tank D.J.. It's also not running. I got it to fire momentarily by shooting either down the SP hole but it has been sitting for who knows how long. I don't know for sure if I want it because of the weight.
I've sold a number of them in that class for $75 to $125, running. Not running, if everything checks out, I usually don't pay over $25 for them. Sometimes, if they're really clean, I'll go as high as $40. Most of the time, because around my way they have fairly little usage(and few people maintain anything), it's just a carb/fuel system cleaning. Hope this helps :fing32:
Thanks you guys. I'm going to probably get it. It's got to be a carb problem if anything. Heck, I might dump some gas in the old girl and she'll light right up. (But I seriously doubt it. LOL) It's happened before. How hard are these updraft B&S carbs to rebuild? 8 HP
They aren't bad, but before you separate the top and bottom half you MUST unscrew the high speed jet to get access to the emulsion tube so you can remove it. If you don't, the emulsion tube will likely get bent and it won't work correctly.

It is critical to use a screwdriver that fits the emulsion tube well, because if there has been water in it it may be corroded and difficult to remove. You don't want to strip it out.

Do a search for emulsion tube or Briggs flo-jet and you should get some hits. If not, post here and I'll see what I can dig up.
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