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What is it ? And what's it worth ?

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Saw this scrolling through Craigslist a short time ago.

Anyone know what it is ? Worth ? :thanku:
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Its a lawn doctor.......John.........Dont know no more...........
Does it say Lawn Doctor on the hood?

Who had 6 lug wheels? Wasn't there a Wheel Horse that did?
It looks like an old simplicity tractor.
Economy/Power King.
Economy/Power King.
:ditto: I think I read some where on here that Lawn Doctor was a lawn care/landscaping business that used PK's. I can't find the thread any where though.
I don,t know.but would,n they be nice looking all fixed up.really look heavy built.

Definitely Power Kings. I think that's not a terrible deal, given what PKs go for.
Wow a lawn care company that used only PK's thats rad!
Power King 1614,hope they're better at mowing lawns than painting or maybe they were the Dr K for lawns
Gonna go and get her Ken? I was going with PK as well...
Gonna go and get her Ken? I was going with PK as well...
No, I've got way to many projects as is. It just had me stumped. I did not have a clue what it was.
It's a power king- Kbeitz has one with a hydraulic fork lift on it

see this thread
Yup power kings. ANd a good price also!!
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