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What is a fair price for a 110 and 112 in rough condition?

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What is a good price for a 110 and 112 in rough condition? Both have mower decks.

1971 110
1974 112

The guy is asking $500 for both. The 71' runs the 74' is more for parts, but may run.

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Good decks, add $100. headlights, add $100. Hydraulic lift add $100.
In my neck of the woods (Ontario Canada), that is a fair price. But to qualify that... when you say 'ruff' condition. How Ruff is ruff?
It seem that the square fender machine of that time are the least desirable... but I have a feeling that as time goes by they will increase in value as more and more are being parted or scrapped. I have got a couple and hope interest grows with them...:D
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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