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What is a Cub Cadet Lo Boy 154 worth?

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My buddy is selling a Lo Boy 154.

I don't know a lot about prices on these things.

My offer may have been a lo-ball offer. I offered $1500. Am I dreaming?

He said $2300 is his rock bottom price.

I'd have to take a lot out of savings to pay that much. And I need another GT like I need a hole in the head. Just wanted another toy.

I'm not sure what they are worth? Any opinions?
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all depends on location... I've been watching one on ebay, completely restored/re-built in Conn. and it was $3,900. You see a lot between $1,500 and $2K.

The Lo-boy is an excellent mower. I've heard a lot of people say they are way under powered for a tractor, if you plan on plowing and stuff. If I remember reading right the 982 SGT was designed and replaced the lo-boys.
Friend up here sold one in June that was really ruff. Leaked oil and the deck had most of the sides cut off that the blades could be seen(not safe) and he got $2300 out of it. Not sure how he got that much for the shape it was in? :trink39:
That isn't a cub cadet it is a cub. Price varies with location and condition. $1800 seems to be a median price in good running condition. I bought my 69 IH cub for $700 which was low.
be careful with these things, they use 2 fiber pucks to "brake" the clutch. they are always wearing out and in need of adjustment, also the finger clutch that engages the PTO is extremely expensive to replace if it is messed up. if i remember right under the tractor at the rear are 2 pices of pipe that help support the trans from flexing, these will fall out and then you will break the center out of the clutch. I cut 7 acres with one for about 5 years, also had a CAT 1 rear 3pt. did decent with a 5ft blade on the back leveling the driveway
It seems to be in fair condition.

I know that it has brand new blades, and the owner did some work on the tranny and engine.

It's located in NE Oklahoma.

People do tend to ask and get top dollar for things in this area.
Check out Tulsa craigslist. People want big $ for broken down old junk.
currently 1 on cl in IN for $1600, in nice shape and has a plow on the front.
Had one years ago. Never again. To slow in 1st and second to mow large areas, too fast in 3rd, and it's too big for small areas. Frames tend to break under the seat where it's cut over the trans. Pto clutch and shaft is expensive to repair, mine broke due to the frame issue above. Rear mounted clutch is weird and trouble-prone. 15HP water cooled engine is smooth and nice to operate but low on power for the mower size in heavier grass. Comfortable to operate. Belt driven starter/generator, could be a + or - depending on your preference.

The 184 or 185 (forgot which) has a better clutch arrangement and a 'normal' starter w/seperate generator as well as 3 more HP.

All have rear PTOs that turn CCW at engine speed. Not usable with normal Cat 1 equipment even though it may have a 3 point lift.

Bottom line, a large garden tractor, (cub 982/Case 4xx/deere 4xx are much more capable.
funny this thread came about. There's a 154 came up for sale just about 2 miles from me. It's listed at $2,200. The hood is excellent, the rest of it has been brush painted. It's a weekly used mower w/60" haban deck.
funny this thread came about. There's a 154 came up for sale just about 2 miles from me. It's listed at $2,200. The hood is excellent, the rest of it has been brush painted. It's a weekly used mower w/60" haban deck.
There's also a number for sale in New England as well. Here's one in Hudson Valley (NY) for $1600. Another one in the Hartford (CT) area for $2500 with a loader.

Although, those two are bargains compared to the restored Lo Boy for sale in New London (CT) - the guy wants $4500 for it. Ouch! I'd probably just stick with a nice diesel SGT for that kind of money.
It seems like Cubs are just like so many other tractors...
They want a fortune for stuff here in the Midwest.
I've seen Ford 8N on craigslist with attachments, for less money than my buddy wants for his low-boy.

I was wondering if a low-boy is big enough to be called a Compact Utility Tractor?
the one around here ended up going for $1,700...
There's one on ebay right now for $800 that runs (maybe that's a bargain given all the prices discussed in this thread?)

However, I'm still sticker shocked at what people are trying to sell these for and a lot of them are in absolutely horrible condition. Sorry, but I just can't see it when for the same amount of money you can get yourself a much better tractor (it's probably the collectible factor that I'm not calculating in.)
They look neat. There are much better tractors out there for any job they can do. 3 ponts are rare & expensive for them.
The front axle pivot was completely worn out in the frame on mine, the forementioned rubbers were worn out (they all are) and make it hard to shift since the shaft won't quit spinning. The gears are all wrong as also mentioned.
2 too slow to mow, 3rd too fast. I don't know what 1st is for.

So if you aren't pulling anything, aren't mowing anything, aren't wanting a 3 point, they aren't too long as you don't want to use them.

Any hydro with a 16hp on up will out mow them and do a better job. Same with using ground engaging equipment. It's just big and sounds cool.

The grills are always broken out, just short of $400 will get you a repro. The starter/gen is also pretty pricey.

Others are welcome to their own opinions, the one I had was a money pit.
Oh, I should mention the Farmall cubs us the same engine but use a real tractor setup. They have their own set of flaws (buy a lower radiator tank/steering box when you discover yours is cracked) but generally they are built like a tractor and do the same job while selling much cheaper around here than a loboy.
Keep them in mind if you are looking at that size.
I guess a 184/185 was on my "wish list" but since reading all this and as stated above, I think when the time comes I'll look for a 982 or another Cub SGT w/power steering. Somewhat disheartening, kinda like finding out the hot chick has a boyfriend. :)
Better than dating her, THEN finding out.
that's some good stuff!!
We have a 154 that was partially restored (nice paint). It needed some wiring and clutch issues resolved. From 20ft it looked almost perfect.. however it wasn't perfect. We picked it up for $400.00, rewired it (much better than factory). Worked on the clutch (still pops out of gear, not sure what the issue is... haven't worked on it much since finishing the wiring) It's now running 100% other than the shifter popping out of gear. We just need to rebuild the mower deck, one of the spindles is messed up, plus we still need a belt. The deck is nice and solid though. It's the cub deck (not the woods). This is the narrow tire model with turfs. It also has all the brackets on it for a front mount blade (but the blade was MIA). I think we got a heck of a deal, and I was also told that the transmissions in these is very similar to the Cub Cadet GT's? and that some parts would interchange. I also got two sets of wheel weights with the tractor.... oh.. and they threw in a Cub Cadet 1811 and 2072 SGT in on the deal (both ran and were in nice shape). So.. I know I ended up with a steal of a deal. I sold the 1811 for $1100, and traded the 2072 for a Bolens HT23 (also a competitor to the Cub loboy). Both the 982 and HT23 are superior tractors.. they just lack the coolness factor of the big lil loboy ;)

just my opinion though.

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I have still been looking around. I did see one on craigslist that was $1350. within 50 miles. And one for $1000. within 200 miles.

Now, my wife's uncle says he doesn't have the money.
So, I was thinking of buying one myself, and sharing it with him.
But, after listening to you guys talk about your experiences with cub 154, I'm starting to not want one.

I've been a city boy all of my life. I retired and moved to a small midwestern town about 5 years ago. I didn't even have experience with lawnmowers, much less tractors. I'm learning :)

I sure am glad that I have you guys to consult with.

I still have a question... Is the cub low boy big enough to be called a CUT?

Maybe wife's uncle needs a CUT? He keeps complaining, that his wife wants the yard to be bigger every year.
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