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What in the world happened to my steering?

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I don't have time to tear into it tonight... but I parked my GT steering fine a couple of days ago... went to move it last night and it took all I could do to steer it, and I am not a lightweight.

I looked for the obvious, anything stopping the steering wheel gear from meshing with the pitman arm (or what ever it might be called on a tractor).

No obvious blockages.

I will:

Jack it up.

Disconnect the steering connector arm and see if it's the wheels/front end causing the problem...

But has anyone had this happen?

I've been meaning to grease the front end but I don't have a grease gun that will fit it... I keep forgetting to pick one up.

Could it be something that simple that quickly???

There doesn't seem to be any visible breakage anywhere.
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Maybe a mouse made a nest in your steering gear.
Last Winter when I took out my snow thrower, I noticed that the gear selector wasn't as smooth as I remembered it to be but thought maybe my memory was flawed. To make a long story short, I eventually sheared a bolt on a drive sprocket and when I took it apart, there was a huge amount of mouse nesting material wrapped up around the shafts and sprockets. It was a wonder that it moved at all as most of the horsepower couldn't make it to the wheels.
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