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What have I gotton myself into!

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Arthur from South Louisiana recently dragged a 2008 Craftsman 6500 from a brayer patch which only has 118 hours on it. The tires still have the rubber tits on them! Well cleaned and rebuilt carb and started right up and purred like a kinnen! Well for about 3 hours any way then it's all down hill now. Grrrrr. Definitely a learning experience here! Looking forward to getting any help I can to get it purring again. I was able to cut my cut time in half the one time I got to use it. And when you are cutting 4 Acres that's a lot of time!

Thanks in advance

Bush Louisiana
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Welcome to the forum Arthur. :Welcome1:

The guys and gals on the Craftsman/Sears forum should be able to get the 6500 purring again. :fing32:
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